Friday, November 20, 2009

"In Case You Missed It...." Round-up 1

I've been waiting for a good chance to mention this, and this is probably about as good of a time as ever. I have a radio show on the campus radio station in which I play music and talk about the news of the past week, usually with terrible jokes thrown in for good measure. This week happened to have a ton of great news stories, and I'd like to believe (oh dear, my head's swelling) that it was one of my better shows to date. I managed to record most of my segments, clipping only a few seconds off at a couple of places, and uploaded the result for you to enjoy. (You know, in case you missed "In Case You Missed It...")

If you're in the area (and I do mean really local, the signals can't travel far due to terrible terrain), you can tune in to the show Fridays at 1pm EST at 89.5 on the FM dial. Or, you can listen on the web at and join us for the fun.

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