Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ooh, I Feel Sorta Like XKCD!

Alternative title: "No, Just... Regular Pie..."


ksekelsky said...

hehe... regular pie...

anyhow, here's the exact breakdown on facebook for me:

mentions of nfl football: 17. 6 of these used excessive capitals.

no mention of nfl football: 14.

Ambiguous statuses that, lets be honest, probably did refer to nfl football: 6.

I didn't only count Steelers messages, as I have a lot of college friends that were Eagles or Ravens fans. Also, that 14 is probably only so high, because my status feed on facebook went back 8 hours, to before when the games had started.

Stephen Lewis said...

I could actually probably make another pie chart about people who commented on the inauguration today, but it's way too hard to determine whether people are "yay" or "nay" about it. Even more people are keeping their messages ambiguous, for fear of what reactions they'd get. I've already seen one pair of people bicker back and forth about it as responses to one girl's status... She'll have a fun read when she gets back to her computer.